Los Cabos Film Festival Confirms the Projects and Activities of Cabos TV

Los Cabos Film Festival is proud to establish an area devoted to television content: Cabos TV, an essential open up a forum to explore the changing patterns in the consumption of digital entertainment, presented by Una Voz Con Todos.

Cabos TV is our response to the global trend whereby cinema actors and directors are beginning to be active in television, TV writers are starting to make independent movies, and a generation that has gradually begun to consume both TV and movies alike via their mobile devices.” Festival director, Alonso Aguilar Castillo mentioned.


Cabos TV is committed to fostering a healthy dialogue between cinema and television, from the development to the marketing phases. We have assembled a select group of film producers and filmmakers to premiere series in development stage in the Cabos Discovery Meetings, while at the same time showing their most successful TV series on the big screen.

The selection of series that will be screened is conformed by:
Cromo – Latin American Premiere
Production Company: Historias Cinematográficas
Club de Cuervos
Production Company: Netflix/Alazraki Entertainment


The Book of Negroes
Production Company: Conquering Lion Pictures

El Dandy
Production Company: Sony México



The production companies that will present TV series in development stage are:

Production Company: Historias Cinematográficas
Project in development stage: Viaje al único and Los últimos (feature film)
Producers: Nicolás Puenzo, Lucía Puenzo, Lucero Garzón y Stéphane Parthenay

Production Company: Film Tank and Traziende Producciones
Project in development stage: Dunas
Producers: Leonardo Zimbrón, Edgar San Juan and Antonio Flores

Production Company: Conquering Lion and Shadow Shows
Project in development stage: The Lincoln County War
Executive Producer: Damon D’Oliveira and Bruce McDonald
Canada / Mexico

Production Company: Room Service/ Catatonia
Project in development stage: Vida estéreo
Producer: Rodrigo Ordóñez

Participants will be able to take part in meetings with a nourished delegation of television and OTTS (Over The Top Streaming Services) executives such as HBO, Netfilx, Sundance TV, AMC, HBO LA, Gaumont International Television, Awesomeness, Bell Media, Claro TV and Sony Pictures Television México among others.

The Meet-Your-Neighbors round tables in Pitahayas Restaurant will include a forum exclusively devoted to television series’ producers.

For Los Cabos International Film Festival, Cabos TV is the first step towards new creative territories. From the 11th to the 15th of November, the Festival will gather prominent film-industry representatives (producers, directors, distributors, sales agents and other film-industry active members) for them to find within the context of this event, more opportunities for developing their projects.