Los Cabos Film Festival continues its successful alliance with the Tribeca Film Institute, Labodigital and Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund

This year Los Cabos Film Festival, the Tribeca Film Institute and Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund continue their successful collaboration via an exchange of projects that are in development stage and a second award of the post-production prize jointly with Labodigital.

Casi el paraíso, the second film of Gaz Alazraki, a participant in Cabos Discovery 2015, produced by Leonardo Zimbrón and Edgar San Juan, is the project chosen to take part in the 2016 Tribeca Film Institute Industry Meetings, where it will be able to reach more opportunities in one-on-one meetings with important members of the North American film industry.

Likewise, for the second year running, a Tribeca Film Institute project will be awarded with a USD $56,000 prize by Los Cabos Film Festival and Labodigital, the winner will be announced during the Fifth Edition of Los Cabos Film Festival November 9th to 13th, 2016.

Once the winning feature film has been chosen, Labodigital will provide the post-production services to be completed in Mexico City, the Festival will pay the plane fares of director and cameraman, in addition, the prize-winning project will participate in the Festival’s 2016 edition.

In 2015, this award went to Greywater, a documentary whose director, Jeff Unay, tells the story of Joe Carman, a family man who finds solace in mixed-martial-arts combat. Upon receiving the prize, Unay said:
“Los Cabos Film Festival has enormous vitality. I can’t imagine a better place for filmmakers and the public to get together to celebrate the art of filmmaking. I feel very honored”.
With this support, Los Cabos Film Festival and Labodigital are joining forces with the Tribeca Film Institute to encourage independent filmmakers to finish their projects and show them to a specialized public.

Call for entries 2016 for development and post-production projects opens on May 15th.

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