Los Cabos International Film Festival Announces Its New Structure

The Board of Directors of Los Cabos International Film Festival, composed by Eduardo Sánchez Navarro, President of the Festival and Alfonso Pasquel, President of Los Cabos Arte y Cultura A.C., announces that Alejandra Paulín and Maru Garzón, will be appointed Executive Director and Artistic Director, respectively.

“We trust in the experience of Alejandra and Maru, who have actively participated in the production of the festival since its origin and are key pieces to our structure. Both of them know the project in all its dimensions, and we are sure that this co-direction, along with the Board Directors of the Festival, will continue to promote the strengthening of this film project framed by the unique scenarios that Los Cabos offer.” Commented Alfonso Pasquel regarding the decision.

The Festival has positioned itself over the last six years as a solid platform for North American film industry where Mexico, the United States and Canada look to find synergies and fortify them as regional film industry as well as individuals, which at the same time are strongly linked to Latin America and Europe.

To strengthen the growth and promote the continuity of this unique project, the structure of the management is renewed combining different talents in a co-direction formed by Alejandra Paulín as Executive Director (former General Coordinator of the Festival) and Maru Garzón as Artistic Director (current Programming Director). Along with being part of the genesis of the project and having been a fundamental part of its growth, both professionals have extensive experience and a career of more than two decades in the mexican and international film industry.

Facing this appointment, Alejandra Paulín said: “I deeply appreciate the trust that the Board has placed in us. The successful idea of having, since the beginning, the cinematography of North America in a single showcase, has made us an incomparable project, a widely recognized business platform for the national and international film industry. It is a great pleasure to continue to support the strengthening of our cinema in such a wonderful space of our country.”

Maru Garzón delved into the role played by Los Cabos International Film Festival in the film industry of the region: “I feel honored to participate in a project that offers a unique space on the American Continent to facilitate dialogue as well as cultural and commercial exchange of the North American film industry with the rest of the world. Being able to do this from Mexico –where the creative talent and the stories to tell are inexhaustible­– fills me with genuine pride and represents a pleasant responsibility.”