Los Cabos International Film Festival welcomes Hugo Villa Smythe as its new director

Hugo Villa Smythe has more than 30 years of experience in the filmmaking industry and is renowned for his work as producer, cinematographer, production advisor and government officer has been appointed by the board of Los Cabos Arte y Cultura A.C. as the new director of Los Cabos International Film Festival starting June 1rst.

Hugo Villa Smythe is the current General Director of Mexico City’s Film Commission, where he has designed and executed the audiovisual policy for the City and has also managed the Technical Coordination Office of PROCINE. He co-funded Hartos Indios, a Mexican production company that produced documentaries, feature and short films, in addition to providing production services to North American studios such as Showtime, Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures for films that were shot in Mexico, including Troy, The Legend of Zorro, The Whole Truth and Dust to Dust (Por la Libre), among others.

Hugo also held several positions in the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE), scaling up to Director for Production. He took part and supervised the calls for entries of FOPROCINE[1] and the creation of PROAV[2] and the Mexican Film Commission, among other activities.

By appointing Hugo Villa Smythe as its Director, Los Cabos International Film Festival gains strength as the most important platform for the film industry in Mexico, year after year it seeks that the film program and its linked talent find a space to liaise Mexican and Latin American industries with their American and Canadian peers. This platform has become a gateway to high profile leaders of the international film industry.

“We are very pleased and thrilled that Hugo Villa will lead the Festival, as we consider he is the perfect person to work with the current team for its continuance. Our festival has grown sound and stronger during the last five years and has become one of the most important ones in Mexico”, said Eduardo Sánchez-Navarro Redo, President of the Festival and Alfonso Pasquel Bárcenas, President of Los Cabos Arte y Cultura A.C.

Year after year, Los Cabos International Film Festival creates an exclusive atmosphere for project trading. It makes a positive contribution to the world cinema culture, focusing on Mexico, the United States of America and Canada, by supporting the talent of their filmmakers. It also contributes to promote and disseminate the cultural and tourist activities in Baja California Sur.

The Festival recognizes Alonso Aguilar Castillo, its director for the last four editions, for his work and accurate contributions, which have been key for the Festival’s development. We wish him the best of success in his new ventures.

Come and join us in  Los Cabos International Film Festival Sixth Edition from November 8-12, 2017.


[1] IMCINE’s Film Fund Grants

[2] ProAudiovisual Fund


Hugo Villa Smythe