(USA, France, Germany, 2016)

Direction: Jim Jarmusch
Screenplay: Jim Jarmusch
Production: Joshua Astrachan, Carter Logan
Cast: Adam Driver, Golshifteh Farahani
Cinematography: Frederick Elmes
Running Time: 118 min.

Paterson is a bus driver and amateur poet. His days are filled with a simple routine: he drives a bus, walks his dog, and goes to his local bar for a beer. His only true commitment is to write poems everyday, while he lives a beautiful love story with his wife. Director Jim Jarmusch’s last film to date, takes place over the course of a week and is a tribute to the poet William Carlos Williams. This film is an antidote to gritty and adrenaline packed cinema and the need for constant action: Paterson finds light and his own personal heaven in the soft flow of passing images, as sincere as the character’s candid smile.
Jarmusch portrays the artist never seen on screen: a kind, satisfied man who enjoys life’s simple pleasures. It is a celebration of everyday life’s small victories and defeats, where poetry is present in the smallest of details.


CINEMEX PLATINO SALA 2 / 19:00-21:06