(Spain, France, 2018)

  • Direction: Carlos Vermut
  • Production: Enrique López Lavigne
  • Screenplay: Carlos Vermut
  • Cinematography: Eduard Grau
  • Cast: Najwa Nimri, Eva Llorach, Carme Elías, Natalia de Molina
  • Running Time: 125 min.

Lila Cassen (Nawja Nimri) —a very famous Spanish pop star— is planning her comeback from a ten-year break. After an accident, Lila suffers from amnesia and forgets her artistic persona. While browsing the Internet, Blanca (Carme Elías), her manager, finds Violeta (Eva Llorach), a Lila Cassen impersonator that makes a living at a nightclub Karaoke. Blanca begs Violeta to teach Lila how to be her old self: her songs and her trademark gestures on stage. Lila and Violeta rehearse against the clock and enter a frantic game of mirrors. Who is actually the star? What mask should an interpreter wear to achieve fame? What is their true self ?
A song by the legendary Spanish group Mocedades is the excuse to weave a thorough reflection on what constitutes identity in the artistic world. Carlos Vermut’s very defined visual and sound style —at times subtle, at others visceral— is the backdrop to the three main actor’s heartfelt performances.


CINEMEX PLATINO SALA 2 / 16:30-18:43
CINEMEX SALA 1 / 19:30-21:43