(USA, 2018)

  • Director: Boots Riley
  • Production Companies: Cinereach, Forest Whitaker’s Significant Productions, MACRO, MNM Creative, The Space Program
  • Producers: Nina Yang Bongiovi, Jonathan Duffy, Charles D. King, George Rush, Forest Whitaker, Kelly Williams
  • Screenplay: Boots Riley
  • Cinematography: Doug Emmett
  • Editing: Terel Gibson
  • Sound: Ruy García, Michael McMenomy
  • Music: The Coup, Merrill Garbus, Boots Riley, Tune-Yards
  • Cast: Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Jermaine Fowler, Danny Glover, Armie Hammer

Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfield) is an African-American hired as a salesperson in a telemarketing company that offers him commission-pay. He is terribly unsuccessful and potential clients invariably hang up on him, until a senior employee suggests him to imitate a white person’s voice. Adopting a particularly high pitch, Cassius suddenly becomes a phenomenal salesman and while his colleagues organize a strike, protesting against their disgraceful working conditions, he gets promoted to power caller; a sinister world of multimillion dollar deals opens up to him, following a sinister agenda carefully orchestrated by a mysterious leader (Arnie Hammer).

Boots Riley’s refreshing debut is a somewhat surreal satirical odyssey, whose humor continuously targets raging capitalism and the racist dynamics it feeds of. This is a unique and honest outlook on one of American society’s most rooted conflicts.


CINEMEX SALA 3 / 20:15-22:14
CINEMEX SALA 3 / 20:30-22:29