Feature-length films produced or co-produced by MexicoUSA or Canada in affiliation with any other country are eligible to participate.

Of all submitted entries, 10 projects in development stage will be selected to participate in GFFF-Meetings and will be eligible to compete for the awards stipulated for this category, in addition to having access to the following benefits:


    1. CTT EXP & Rentals Award: With a value of $1,283,911.20 MXN (one million, two hundred eighty-three thousand, nine hundred eleven and twenty cents Mexican pesos) of filming equipment rental for four weeks (camera and optic). 
    1. Talent On The Road/ World Talent House Award grants $150,000.00 MXN (one hundred and fifty thousand Mexican pesos) in cash to film projects in development stage produced by or co-produced with Mexico.
    1. Piano Award of $ 100,000.00 MXN in cash for distribution in Mexico. Piano makes available to the winner, the possibility of a distribution intention letter.
    1. Projects exchange with Tribeca Film Institute. One of the participating projects will be selected to participate in TFI – Network 2020. The prize includes the round flight for a project’s representative.
  1. Projects exchange with the Independent Filmmaker Project. One of the participating projects will be selected to participate in the No Borders program of IFP – Project Forum. The prize includes the round flight for a project’s representative.


    1. The current submission call will be open from June 3rd, 2019 through August 17th, 2019 before 18:00 hrs.
    1. The 10 projects in development selected to participate in the GFFF-Meetings will be announced on the Festival’s official website on October 2nd, 2019.
  1. Winners of  GFFF- Development will be announced during the closing ceremony (November 17th) of the eighth edition of Los Cabos International Film Festival which will take place from November 13th-17th, 2019 in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.


Representatives of the 10 selected projects for GFFF- Development will obtain the following benefits:

    1. Participation in the GFFF-Meetings (one-on-one sessions with professionals of the international filmmaking industry: sales agents, distributors, production companies, representatives from international film festivals, television networks, on-demand streaming platforms, financiers, etc.)
    1. Up to two round trips to Los Cabos, Mexico, exclusively for the director and producer of the project.
    1. Hotel accommodation (one double room, breakfast included) in Cabo San Lucas from November 13th – 17th, 2019 (four nights) exclusively for the director and producer of the project. Maximum two people, without companions.
  1. Industry badges for both representatives.


  1. Applications must be submitted in English or Spanish through the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund application form.
  2. Upon completion, all projects selected by GFFF must include the Los Cabos International Film Festival and the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund logos on the film credits and on all promotional materials.
  3. The projects selected in previous editions cannot be submitted again in the same category. The projects that were selected for the in Development stage section in previous editions may only participate in the Work In Progress category.
  4. Once the application form is submitted via our website, applicants will receive a confirmation email indicating their registration number.
  5. The winning projects must commit to include the logos of Los Cabos International Film Festival and Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund in the initial credits of the film, including the legend: With the support of.
  6. The Festival reserves the right to disqualify any entry that fails to submit all the required information.
  7. All applications imply consent and acknowledgment of our Rules and Regulations.
  8. Any concerns not contemplated within the present Call for Entries will be resolved by the Organizing Committee.


  1. Title.
  2. Original Language.
  3. Country of production.
  4. Genre.
  5. Length.
  6. Director´s info: Name, e-mail, bio and link to previous work
  7. Producer´s info: Name, e-mail, bio and link to previous work
  8. Logline
  9. Short synopsis (500 characters including spaces).
  10. In-depth synopsis (1800 characters including spaces).
  11. Director´s statement (500 characters including spaces).
  12. Total film budget (stated in USD).
  13. Secured budget (stated in USD).Current status (300 characters including spaces).Current status (300 characters including spaces).
  14. Current status (300 characters including spaces).
  15. Financial scheme. PDF document detailing both the assured and the to be confirmed financing as well as the possible sources and whether it is in specie or cash (up to 4MB).
  16. Tentative release date.
  17. Still of the project (300 dpi, JPG format, up to 2MB).
  18. If available, enclose documents supporting awards, agreements, letters of intention and/or contracts ascribed to the project. Everything must fit in a single PDF file (up to 4MB). Also additional documentation deemed relevant by the applicant (moodboard, confirmed cast and crew, teaser or trailer of the Episodic Content, etc.) Everything must fit in a single PDF file (up to 4MB).

Rules and Regulations

Project application Quick Quide

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico, June 3rd, 2019