Under the Silver Lake

Sam, an unemployed thirty-year-old, meets Sarah and they immediately feel a strong connection, which translates into an unforgettable evening together. The next day, Sarah has gone missing and Sam goes on a mission to find her, following what he believes to be clues that could lead him to her, but that could also drive him to the point of no return. 


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Red Miller has met the love of his life, the charming Mandy, but when a group of religious fanatics murder her savagely, Red swears revenge, and will not stop until his lover’s murderers pay for their crime, in comparable pain and suffering.


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Sorry to Bother You

Cassius Green is an African-American who becomes an outstanding salesman in a telemarketing company after he starts adopting a “white” accent with his customers. He is quickly promoted to the top levels of the company and unknowingly becomes involved in the sinister and secret company’s agenda.


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