American Specials

American Specials, one of our most successful film programs, comprises, year after year, films that stand out in the United States and worldwide, not only for their proposed topics and filming style, but also because of their highly skilled execution, which has often brought their directors and actors into the spotlight during the awards season.



Erin Bell (Nicole Kidman), a Los Angeles police detective, has to solve a murder with a single clue—a one-dollar bill covered in purple paint. Bells is convinced she knows the assassin’s identity, and this time around, she will not let him escape.


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When Jerry is dismissed from his job, he loses the sense of purpose and signs up for a suicidal mission. His son Joe then takes on the role of the adult, while Jeanette, his wife, fights to keep the home afloat. An intimate journey full of nuances and complex characters.


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After her husband’s death, Veronica finds out that her luxurious lifestyle is the result of criminal activity, and that she now has to pay off a substantial debt. So, she gathers a group of widows to attempt a complicated robbery that would allow them to start a new life.


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American Animals

As a claim to fame, four very bright college students from Kentucky decide to inject some adrenaline into their insignificant every day lives through the ambitious yet somewhat naive robbery of the expensive antique book collection at their university.


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