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Lila Cassen is a famous pop singer who suddenly suffers from amnesia. Violeta, her fan and impersonator at a karaoke club, is in charge of teaching Lila how to be herself again. This film, filled with passion, exposes che masks stars are forced to wear


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Euronymous lead his black metal music band to the top of the Scandinavian underground scene. When fellow musician Vag starts to take his anti-Christian claims to heart by burning churches, Euronymous realizes that regaining control will imply bloodshell.


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Mike introduces a group of youngsters to Western music in a bid to inspire them to feel free to express their own weariness and angst; they always remain cautious of the dangers of censorship while dreaming about a concert in which fans are free to dance and jump around. When the talented Viktor bursts onto the scene, no one remains indifferent to his charm.


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