Competencia Los Cabos

These are audacious, auteur-centered films—productions originated in Mexico, the United States, and Canada, or coproduced in some of these countries—of numerous formal qualities which have made them stand out in the official selections of the most significant international film festivals. They compete for:

Award for Best Film in Competencia Los Cabos, worth MXN$300,000


We the animals

Jonah, the youngest of three brothers, uses his imagination to create an alternative to his harsh reality in which his family is falling apart due to his father’s temper and his mother’s depression. A film filled with evocative imagery and breathtaking performances by a cast of  highly talented children.


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The Great Darkened Days

Philippe, a Chaplin impersonator, travels across the United States during an undefined world war, and meets a series of wicked characters, who reflect the cruelty and senselessness of our time.


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Skate Kitchen

Camille’s greatest passion is skating. After joining Skate Kitchen, an all-girl skateboarding crew, she will discover that ties of friendship can prove to be the best way to survive and enjoy life amidst an environment hostile towards women.


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Birds of passage

Thanks to marijuana trafficking, Rapayet is able to marry Zaira and become part of the honorable Pushaina clan. Ursula, the matriarch of the clan, warns him about the dangerous route he has taken and the need to confront those who want to take the power from them.


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Madeline’s Madeline

Madeline is the lead role in a play directed by Evangeline, who takes advantage of the tense relationship between Madeline and her mother to boost a project. The actress’ inner world expands dramatically, frenetically and intimately linking together the lives of these three women.


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Mara, a Romanian immigrant, is struggling to stay in the United States with her son Dragos, but she is faced with an abusive immigration officer. The situation stresses Mara’s relationship with Daniel, her American husband, and jeopardizes her and her son’s stay in the country.


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Guillaume starts having feelings for his male friend; his sister Charlotte decides to explore new possibilities outside her relationship. A journey towards finding one’s way in a grownup, cruel, and sexist world, where the desire to create emotional bonds is sometimes overshadowed by the difficulty to uphold them.


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Buy me a gun

Huck is a dauntless girl who wears a mask to avoid being spotted, since around her, women keep being abducted. When her father is held captive by a local drug kingpin, she (and a group of peculiar kids) must rise and face the rottenness of the world.


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An old mining town at the Mexico-Arizona border comes to terms with an old tragedy: the deportation of 1200 mining immigrants, exactly 100 years ago today. The town people participate as actors to recreate their controversial past.


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