México Primero

México Primero is a space open to the domestic Mexican film industry. It aims to highlight those Mexican filmmakers who ought to be kept on focus. They compete for:

• Cinemex Award, Best Film, Mexico Primero —MXN$300,000
• Cinemex Audience Award, Best Mexican Film —MXN$300,000
• FIPRESCI Award, Best Mexican Film
• Art Kingdom Showbiz Agency Award worth US $14,000 for the production of a film trailer



Fausto orders Mephistopheles to undertake a seemingly never-ending building project with the intention of colonizing and controlling nature. This is the tale of mythical characters, ghosts and witches, with the beautiful and hypnotic Oaxacan coast as a backdrop.


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History Lessons

Verónica is a history teacher whose encounter with Eva, a rebellious and introvert student will turn her world upside down. This unlikely yet endearing friendship, will force Veronica to reassess the inertia with which she leads her life.


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A tragic and mysterious fire is the result of a priest’s attempts to draw three wild kids back into society and the clues to learn who the culprits are could be hidden inside dozens of videotapes.


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Yo no soy guapo

Sonideros take the streets of Mexico City with waves of tropical flavor and dance. This tradition has taken root in the city’s popular neighborhoods, creating an urban identity between them, in a bid to find happiness amidst a city that threatens to swallow them alive.


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Claudia wants to interrupt her pregnancy and asks her best friend Arturo to take her to Chapala to see a doctor. But fate interferes, and after a series of unexpected events, their friendship is pushed to the limit, allowing their true feelings to shine through.


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