Talent On The Road, companion to Mexican talents

Since 2000, the talent agency Talent on the Road, has been supporting and complementing the careers of the most promising Mexican talents, standing out in its area for accompanying diverse actors, directors, writers and cinematographers to the best scenarios.

Talent On The Road was founded by Fabiola Peña, who has 20 years of experience in the business, and it is co-directed by Ruby Castillo, who has added new ideas to the company since her arrival in 2006. The knowledge that backs up their great work in creation and promotion of careers, requires quality and preparation which guarantees the best options for productions inside and outside Mexico.

Nowadays, the company holds high prestige due to its ethics, professionalism and reputation, key elements that allowed them to create national and international alliances with multiple media to promote and spread the outstanding talent that belongs to their ranks.

The commitment that Talent On The Road has with the promotion of the quality of national productions is reflected by their alliance with Los Cabos International Film Festival, where the company grants the Talent On The Road/World Talent House Award to a film project in development stage that contends in the Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund section. The prize consists of $150,000.00 MXN pesos in cash for a project produced or coproduced with Mexico. 

Luis Gerardo Méndez, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Alfonso Herrera, Ana Serradilla, Christopher von Uckerman, Ludwika Paleta and Ilse Salas are some of the actors represented by Talent On The Road that have walked the red carpet of Los Cabos International Film Festival, and whose professional growth has been accompanied by this agency.

For more information about Talent On The Road, visit https://www.talentontheroad.com/