The Los Cabos Film Festival 2017 announces the projects selected by Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund


The sixth edition of Los Cabos International Film Festival is pleased to announce the 21 projects which have been selected by Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund. 12 film and 4 television in development projects, as well as 5 works in progress, were selected from a total of 462 submissions from 39 countries.

The international jury, comprised of professionals and leaders from the film and television industries, will be in charge of choosing the winners, who will receive over $4,000,000 Mexican Pesos in prizes, made possible thanks to the support of several partners who, along with the Festival, seek to help directors and producers trying to finish their films.

Work in Progress Selected Projects


Director: Kyzza Terrazas

Producer: María José Córdova


Clases de historia

Director: Marcelino Islas Hernández

Producer: Andrea Toca


La camarista

Director: Lila Avilés

Producer: Tatiana Graullera


Los débiles

Directors y producers: Eduardo Giralt and Raúl Rico



Midnight Family

Director: Luke Lorentzen

Producers: Kellen Quinn, Daniela Alatorre and Elena Fortes



TV in development Selected Projects


Jai alai

Director: Julio Medem

Producer: Eva Ruiz de Chávez


Lágrimas negras

Director: Gerardo Naranjo

Producers: Perla Martínez Legorreta and Jonathan Bouzali



Directors: Manuel Alcalá and Mauricio Katz

Producers: Gerardo Gatica and Alberto Muffelmann



Director: Pablo Barrera

Producer: Diego Ramírez Schrempp




Film in development Selected Projects

A cielo abierto

Director: Max Zunino

Producers: Laura Imperiale and Max Zunino


Birthday Suit 

Director: Aemilia Scott

Producer: Holl Hopkins McGinley


Grand Prairie

Director: Evan Prosofsky

Producers: Nicole Irene Dyck and Kyle Martin


Israela and Talleen

Director: Trisha Ziff

Producer: Isabel del Río


Noche de fuego

Director: Tatiana Huezo

Producers: Nicolás Celis and JimStark


La caída (antes Noviembre)

Director: David Pablos

Producers: Gastón Pavlovich, Karla Souza and Ana Laura Rascón


Río perdido

Directors: Gerardo Naranjo and Emiliano Rocha

Producers: Amat Escalante and Christian Cornejo




Director: Lucía Gajá

Producer: Rodrigo Herranz



Tengo miedo torero

Director: Rodrigo Sepúlveda

Producers: Diego Martínez Ulanosky, Lucero Garzón, Florencia Larrea, Gregorio González and Hernán Musaluppi




Director: Brian M. Cassidy y Melanie Shatzky 

Producers: Sylvain Corbeil & Ryan Zacarias

Canada- USA


Unos días al sol

Director: Mauro Mueller

Producers: Leslie Holleran, Doro Bachrach, David Figueroa, Mauro Mueller and Mark Raso


Ver lo invisible

Directors: Ximena Cuevas and María José Cuevas

Producer: María José Cuevas


The selected projects represent the great talent which directors and producers from Mexico, the USA, Canada, and Latin America offer to the world’s film and television industries. That is why year after year the Festival creates spaces and activities promoting film and television production, thus consolidating its position in the national and international markets.

Representatives for the 21 projects will take part in the Los Cabos Industry Meetings, holding one on one meetings with national and international sales agencies representatives, distribution and production companies, international festivals, TV stations, streaming platforms, and financial funds, among others.

Thanks to the invaluable participation of companies which support the development of new talent, the Los Cabos Film Festival, along with Labo, CTT EXP &Rentals, Talent on the Road/World Talent House, Chemistry, and Canal 14 del Sistema Público de Radiodifusión del Estado Mexicano (SPR), will award the winners of Gabriel Figueroa Film Fund, which will be announced during the sixth edition of Los Cabos International Film Festival, which will take place from the 8th to the 12th of November.